H.U.G. A Firefighter - "Saving One Child At A Time"
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“Saving One Child At A Time”
H.U.G. A FIREFIGHTER is an organization established by a group of volunteer firefighters after making a presentation to pre-school children for fire prevention week. The response regarding the hands-on presentation from the children and teachers was phenomenal. To this day, the children are still pretending to “save” each other from fires in their classroom. Therefore, the firefighters determined that the hands on training program could and would save children’s lives. These firefighters have made it their life’s goal to train children to save themselves, and possibly others, in the event of a fire or a disaster.
We would like to implement H.U.G. A FIREFIGHTER in all schools, day cares, children’s clubs, churches, and fire departments nationwide who could help educate children across the nation.  In 2011, fire departments responded to 384,000 home fires in the United States, which claimed the lives of 3,500 people (not including firefighters), and injured another 18,300, not including firefighters.  (Karter 2011) Fire injuries are highest in the 4 years old and under age group, decline in the middle years, but rise again in the 10 to 14 age group. (FEMA.gov) These devastating statistics explain why we should do everything we can to train children in fire and disaster-related preparedness. However, we cannot do it alone.
We need your help to make this happen. Donations will enable the H.U.G. A FIREFIGHTER organization to provide training to fire departments nationwide, to increase the number of presentations throughout the country. Donations will enable publication of safety decals for homeowners and insurance companies to make the statistics for saving lives increase radically. Donations will allow for the much-needed purchase of fire gear, computers, office space, etc.  DONATIONS AND TRAINING will grow the program worldwide.
There is nothing more important than saving lives in the event of a fire, disaster or accident. Our program, H.U.G A FIREFIGHTER, brings awareness to children through a hands-on approach, and empowers them with the knowledge to save themselves and others.

For more information about H.U.G. A Firefighter, please contact Ricky Farmer, Founder @ 903-258-4256 or Paul Casey, Co-Founder @ 903-571-8027.
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